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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Charm for Vila

I was so touched when I read the post written by Christine Damm on her blog, "Stories They Tell".  Her sister-in-law has leukemia.  She is creating a charm bracelet to send to her to let her know that they are thinking of her every day and to send her positive energy, something to make her smile.  She is asking for handmade charms to add to the bracelet. 

This is an excerpt from her blog post:

"Here's what I would like: Contribute a charm that is handmade by you-- that's the only stipulation. The charms can be anything, any theme, any color, any material, any technique but about 1” X 1/2” would be ideal. Send your creation to me and then I'll attach it to a nice chain that will become a charm bracelet with everybody's charm on it. The energy created in making the charm is what I'm after-- it doesn't have to be perfect, or expensive or elaborate. It could be resin, or metal or polymer clay or fiber or layered paper."

The blogging community is a wonderful community!  She says she has already been blown away by the response.  If you would like to send a charm or just read the full post, you can find it here.

That being said, I wanted to send a charm.  I don't make a lot of  components, but I do some metal stamping.  I'm sending this textured metal washer stamped with the word "Faith".  I hope that it will in a small way help her through this tough time.

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Cindy said...

Hi Jana
Your charm for Vila is beautiful and so fitting..it will make a wonderful addition to the bracelet. I think you ought to consider making more components - you're a natural!