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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Barbara's Red Iris Necklace

This is a special order necklace. 
I had a similar one at a local craft show and was asked to make a longer version. 

These are some of my favorite beads!  They are 10/0 Rochailles in Red Iris.  "Iris" is the finish on the bead.  Description of the Iris finish:  "An Iris finish is a multicolor effect, which creates a rainbow type effect all around each bead, but also causes a range of color hues and tones within any mix."  The color of these beads range from yellow to pink, which I think gives it an overall coral effect. I used gold wire which really picks up the warm yellow tones from the beads.   Here's a close-up of the beads.  Aren't they pretty?

Oh, and I almost forgot the earrings!  I didn't have much on hand in the way of gold findings so I wire wrapped the rochailles around large gold jumprings and attached them to gold earwires. 

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Dawn Doucette said...

Jana, this is a beautiful set! I too like that mix of beads... very clever idea for the earrings too! Love it! Barbara will be very happy, I'm sure!

Have a terrific weekend!

Lisa Crone said...

Hi there! I was thinking about you yesterday when I was trying to use my treasure hunting beads in a crochet project...I tried several different things and just couldn't get it right...Can you tell me what type of wire or thread you use that is easy to manage? Everything you make turns out perfect!! :)