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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Handmade Buttons

When I saw this pattern, I had to have it.  I'm not really sure what to call it.  Necklace?  Neckwarmer?  Scarf?  There is just something about it that I love!

What I think makes it especially cute is turning it with the button on the side rather than in the back.

That calls for a really big really cute button, which brings me back to the button problem I was complaining about in my last post!  I was thinking about it and it dawned on me that maybe I could make my own.  Several years ago, I wanted to try making polymer clay pendants.  I bought the supplies, but really didn't get too far.  I made some but wasn't really happy with the finished look.  I got the stuff out yesterday and tried making some buttons. 

This is what I ended up with.  The one I liked the best is on the scarf.  Still not really happy with the end look.  I wanted them to look more like ceramic.  But there is potential.  With a little more practice and a few supplies I could have buttons to match anything I need!

Any advise?   I'd welcome your tips and suggestions!

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Davinia said...

That's amazing, I love it, did you make the scarf. As for your buttons, well I think they are wonderful, the pattern and the colours are beautiful and isn't it wonderful to be able to make them in just the right size, colour and texture to match anything.

Jewelry By Jessica said...

That is so cute i love it! You did a great job on the buttons! I tryed polymer clay a while back, but my creations turned out terribly haha. When i first seen the picture I thought they were ceramic the finish on them are beautiful.


Cari Baker said...

Jana... WOW! Great job.... very unique, I have never seen anythings like this scarf... Fabulous!

Francy said...

Your buttons are awesome! If this is your first time, how perfect can the next set be! LOVE the deep blue.

Are our earthquakes reaching your place? It has really been a new experience the last three days.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Both the scarf/necklace and your buttons are amazing...love both!!! I too like the scarf/necklace with the button on the side, after all the button is a piece of art, show it off!!!
If this is what you made in your first attempt at buttons I can't wait to see what you do next.

JustATish said...

Holy Cow!!! you never cease to amaze me. This is beautiful. What fun and trendy design!

Crafting Rebellion said...

Did you make these buttons with polymer clay? They look just like ceramic! You need to give us the how to!

Lisa Crone said...

Hi there, happy new year! I just had to leave a comment here, I LOVE the scarf and absolutely LOVE and am so impressed with the buttons, WOW! You are good! :)

Anonymous said...

Could you post the pattern please? It's beautiful.