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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hot Pink & Black Blingy Necklace!

This necklace was inspired by all the blingy wallets and purses you see everywhere, like this one...

Photo from the website of ST Country Bling located in Welch, OK

I've had the cross pendant for awhile but needed to get the right beads.  You can't see it too well in the picture, but I used black wire.  It is kind of big and blingy but it's really cute on!

As you can probably tell, I've still been a little uninspired this year.  I think maybe I just needed some new beads!  I took my granddaughter on her first trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday!  (Well, actually I did take her once before, but she doesn't remember, so it doesn't count!)  She had a gift card and I printed a 40% off coupon for her.  She had the ultimate Hobby Lobby experience!  She loved it.  She's partial to paper like the rest of us girls and was amazed that you could buy just one sheet of paper...and thrilled!  She picked out a couple of sheets of paper and some stickers to decorate a notebook and some little glass animal charms and a ball chain so she'll be able to switch out her charms for different necklaces.  It sure was fun!

I've been doing a lot of crocheting with yarn since the fall and have opened a new Etsy shop, but more on that later!

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JustATish said...

Oh Girl! I love this! This is hot hot hot for summer!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Love this Jana...great colors...perfect for the summer but wearable all year long!!!

I hear you about the lack of creativity...I'm having a huge problem with that this year myself??? Not sure why as I've a couple of orders of fabulous beads sitting on my table!

It is fun taking a grandchild shopping...I used to take my grandson but he is past that stage now at 14. Miss the experience though...sounds like the two of you had a good time!

Davinia said...

Beautiful as always Jana, you're so good with colour mixing. Look forward to seeing your crocheted creations with yarn, keep us up to date won't you.

Wedding jewelry box gifts said...

wow, wonderful necklace which is so fabulous and quite attractive.Lovely mixing of colors which is so good.Wonderful work.Once again great job.

Liha said...

All of your work is so good! You have an amazing blog going on and I really like this necklace :)