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Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Nomad" Black & Silver Spool Knitted Necklace

When I saw this pendant from Blue Moon Beads' Global Nomad collection I immediately thought how perfect it would look on a spool knitted necklace.  I used silver wire, adding an opaque black 6/0 seed bead into each stitch, slid the pendant on and finished it with silver end cones and a lobster clasp.   

I do two craft shows each year.  The first one this year is next Saturday, the 20th, at the "Pecanfest" in Chetopa, KS.   If you're from our area, come check it out!  There will lots of fun things going on.  I'm looking forward to some homemade fudge from the "fudge lady"!  She has so many kinds to choose from but I always get Cherry Mash cause it's my favorite!

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All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.
~Charles M. Schulz


Azure Islands Designs said...

Gorgeous necklace!!!

You must be busy preparing for your show next Saturday...I know it will be a huge success for you!

Mmmm, cherry mash sounds perfect, a great combo...gotta have a bit of chocolate now and them so it might as well be cherry & chocolate! :0)

Francy said...

wow! each necklace is better than the last. this one is just awesome!

Good luck at your show. I will have to see if we can attend.

Davinia said...

I love the Nomad collection but I must confess I haven't seen this pendant before. It's stunning as is your knitted necklace. Each compliments the other beautifully.

Rose said...

SO beautiful! You gave that pendant such a pretty necklace to hang off of!

Good luck at your show!!! :D

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Jana, this is SUCH a classy necklace! Love it! Good luck with your show this weekend. I hope you sell everything and come home ready to create more beautiful designs!


JustATish said...

I love this stitch. but i love more how you can change up your stitches. i am in awe of your 'style'

Part of Jewelry Boxes said...

Amazing necklace.Wonderful work.It really sounds good.Your works are so outstanding and I am eagerly waiting to see your next work.Hope you have a great success in your show.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

You were so right, the spool knitted cord is the perfect compliment to the pendant!! Just gorgeous!

Stephanie Osborne said...

Jana, Just came across your site. Love this one! You do stunning work. Hope you and Mike had a good Christmas. Love you.

Cristina said...

Amazing necklace!! i love it!

Kate said...

The necklace is so gorgeous!!! I have the Royal Boheme instruction booklet from Blue Moon Beads and fell in love with all of their global nomad pendants! While searching for their global nomad pendants on the net, I stumbled upon your website! Fabulous work!!! The beauty of the pendant has been enhanced by the black bead spool knit necklace... I've to say that I love this necklace more than the pendant now :)