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Monday, November 1, 2010

Caution: SPOOKY!

The days of Lady Bugs and Princesses are behind us.  My granddaughter wanted to be something scary for Halloween this year. 

Meet the "Zombie Bride"

The dress started out as a new sparkling white bride costume.  They had fun trashing it.
My daughter did a really good job on her makeup.  I think maybe it's just a little too realistic!

My sister is a photographer so we took a little family outing to our local cemetary to get some spooky shots.

There are more on my sister's facebook page.  Click here if you'd like to look.  Some of them are just downright creepy! 

Hope you don't think we're too weird!  It was all in the fun of Halloween!


JustATish said...

These are amazing!!! You know when she looks at these pictures she is going to feel like a superstar! I bet it was a blast :)

Azure Islands Designs said...

WOW... some talented women in your family...you have a budding model/actress in the making!!! Your sister is an amazing photographer...she captured the scary/creepy feeling perfectly!!! :0)

It was Halloween after all...it is supposed to be weird!!! :0)


Davinia said...

Fantastic photos Jana, very spooky indeed and great memories to look back on. The costume and makeup are awesome.

Lisa Crone said...

Ooh, so scary, but beautiful photos at the same time! :)