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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Unique Eclectic Eureka Springs, AR

If you follow my blog you know I love Eureka Springs, AR.  I wanted to do a post to try capture the charm of Eureka Springs and share with you just why I love it so much!

My sister and I started going to Eureka Springs about 15 years ago.  We actually went on a little trip to Bella Vista, AR.  We had heard about Eureka Springs and according to the map it wasn't very far from Bella Vista, so we decided we would "just drive over there for dinner".    We found out those few miles take much longer than normal due to the steep hills and curves!  It wasn't the short trip we were expecting!  But we were hooked.  We've gone every summer since then.  It has become an annual girls' trip that we look forward to every year!  When my daughters got old enough they started going with us and Mom went with us for several years.

Here's a little description:  Eureka Springs is a unique Victorian village which has its own eclectic mix of people and lifestyles.  The entire town of Eureka Springs is on the National Register of Historic Places. The city has steep winding streets filled with Victorian-style cottages. The buildings in the old commercial district are primarily constructed of local stone and lie along streets that curve around the hills. Some buildings have street-level entrances on more than one floor. The local Catholic Church has a street-level entrance to its bell tower!  The shops in the old commercial district are mostly specialty shops featuring local crafts, antiques, the works of local artists, and Ozark tourist fare. There are more than 20 art galleries in the downtown area and it's not uncommon to find a trickling spring inside a shop.  

So put on a comfortable pair of shoes and take a walk with me!

This is the commercial district with it's specialty shops, including Crescent Moon Beads.  You won't find a Wal-Mart in Eureka Springs! 

Basin Park is located downtown next to the Historic 1903 Basin Park Hotel.  It has an amphitheater where there are often free concerts.   Local artists are free to set up their wares whenever they please, no fees required. We love to just sit in the park and enjoy the atmosphere.

One of the things we love most is the laid back free spirited nature of the folks there.  Shops open and close on the owner's whim.  Street musicians perform in the park or can be found sitting on shop steps.

Nothing is left unadorned in Eureka Springs, including the utility covers!

Eureka Springs was founded on it's reputation for having healing springs.  There are many beautiful springs, gardens and grottos.  Flowers are everywhere and will grow from any crack or crevice!

Next is the historic loop which curves through the residential district full of brightly painted homes and Bed and Breakfast Inns.  We always have to "loop" at least a couple of times!  The top center picture is the "Rosalie".  It is and always has been my favorite!  The one on the top right is "Daffodil Cottage" and is my sister's favorite.  The one on the top left has entrances on an upper street and lower street.  This one can be rented and it's our dream to be able to stay there one of these days!

These are just a few miscellaneous pictures that show the beautiful, artsy, eclectic nature of Eureka Springs.  A couple of years ago while we were there we all got matching tattoos!  It's a special reminder of our "Sisterhood", the closeness we share and the fun that we've had.

Now the next time I say I'm going to Eureka Springs, you'll know why I look forward to it so much!  I hope you enjoyed the trip!

(If you'd like, click on the pictures to see them enlarged, and forgive the uneven spacing.  I tried and tried to fix it but Blogger had a mind of it's own on this one!)


Francy said...

do you drive the streets? I won't. We park and take the public transportation. It is sooo scary.

Love the pics...I like the round yellow house. Maybe we will go back for a visit someday.

Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Yes, we do. It's pretty close though, isn't it!

JustATish said...

I LOVE Eureka springs!!! we use to go there all the time while i was growing up. I was even at extra in the passion play!!!

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

I had never heard of Eureka Springs before reading your post Jana. And now... well it's high up on my bucket list! What an adorable little town. I just love the look of it!

Thanks for sharing!