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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

View of the strip overlooking the fountain at Bellagio

I spent five days last week in Las Vegas!  We had a full window view of the strip from our room!  I've always wanted to see it, and my husband has no desire to go, so my kids were generous enough to take me with them!  It was also my first time flying. (if you don't count a short trip in a two seater with my brother-in-law about thirty years ago!)  I had an absolutely awesome time!  It's a pretty amazing place.  There's so much to see and do and entertainment everywhere.  My son-in-law said I would like it cause it's very sparkly!  (He knows me so well!)  And it was

I want to thank my kids from the bottom of my heart.  It's something I probably would never have gotten to do and something I would not have wanted to miss!
I love you guys!


Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Awww, how special is that? Jana I'm so excited you got to share your first Vegas experience with family! As I said after my first trip to Vegas... there's nothing quite like it anywhere else on Earth. Vegas is an Anomaly!

Welcome back, I'm sure after seeing all the glitz & glam your creative mind is running! Can't wait to see what it inspires! :)


Francy said...

welcome home! sounds like you and your kids had a wonderful time...very cool kids btw!

Davinia said...

Las Vegas, how many Elvis sightings were there LOL. Glad you had a great time and what a lovely gesture by your children to take you along.

Tom said...

Las Vegas!!! I wish I could be there someday. That place must be amazing with all of its entertainment.