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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happiness is...

Working on something bright and happy and cheerful to chase away the winter blahs!

Crochet 3D Flower Purse

I really love how it turned out.  It just makes me smile.

I love orange, so I'm tickled that Tangerine Tango is Pantone's color of the year!  Of course, I loved Honeysuckle Pink last year, but I don't remember seeing the enthusiasm for it that I have for Tangerine Tango.

If you're interested in making one yourself, you can find the pattern here.  It's from ZoomYummy on Etsy.  The pattern was easy to follow and includes a picture tutorial.

I really enjoyed making it and am kind of sad it's done.  Maybe I'll start another one in Honeysuckle Pink!

~Thought for the Day~

Do what you love and do it often!


zoom yummy said...

Yay! It looks perfect! I love it! And oh yeah, I couldn't stop making them too, I made a green one and a gray one too. :) Petra

Francy said...

oh such a spring like color combo.

Look forward to seeing the pink!

(excellent work btw)

Davinia said...

Love it, it's so 60's retro.

Crafting Rebellion said...

Very cheery!

Cari Baker said...

Wow! Jana… Very cute and great for summer!