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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Goldstone "Everyday" Necklace & Earrings

"Brown goldstone is a form of glass infused with glittering particles of copper that sparkle and gleam." 

I wanted to make a necklace with copper wire and goldstone.  I wasted most of Sunday afternoon and many yards of wire trying to create something more intricate and didn't like any of it!  This is what I ended up with and, you know, I really like it.  Just a simple necklace to wear for everyday that really lets the goldstone shine!   I couldn't get a picture that really shows the beauty of it.

I'm getting ready for the Edna craft show this Saturday.  If you're in the area stop by and see us!

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Shanny said...

I'm ready for the Craft Show!!! I hope it's a good outcome! I will see you then!

Francy said...

Beautiful necklace. Good luck at your show!

Davinia said...

Simple elegance Jana. Good luck with your show.

Perfect jewelry box said...

Wow, really a wonderful work.This necklace is just smashing and really a fabulous one.I just love it which is so simple and elegant to provide a grand look and feel.Best of luck for your show.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Love the necklace and earrings...they look like something I would wear...very simple but makes the perfect statement!!!

I just know your show will be a huge success...enjoy yourself!!!

Lou said...

I love it! Sometimes less is more.

Mellisa said...

Lovely necklace, so non-fussy and elegant!