Welcome to my blog! When I started this blog it was all about wire crochet jewelry. I fell in love with the first piece I saw and I had to learn how. I was "hooked"!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pretty Pink Sparkly Necklace

Here is another of the spool knitted necklaces.  This one has a strand of  pretty Pink AB Celestial Crystals captured inside the spool knitted chain.  A matching Celestial Crystal donut is attached.  This thing sparkles like crazy!  I wish you could see it,  the camera never captures the true sparkle!

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“When you have an opportunity to be Right or to be Kind, always choose to be KIND ”
~Immaculee Ilibagiza


Cindy said...

Jana, this one seems soft and feminine...I am a fan of pink and I can just imagine the sparkle. I love those crystal donuts - what a great way to incorporate one in to your work!

Davinia said...

Just beautiful Jana, you keep getting better and better and the new knitted pieces are lovely, the pink is so feminine.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Gorgeous! Dress it up or down... either way the sparklier the better! :) I saw this post, then had to scroll back to see your other knitted pieces. Great new style my dear!


steufel said...

That donut is gorgeous!